Llandudno House Clearance | Garage and Loft Clearance
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Garage and Loft Clearance


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We offer a complete range of clearance services in North Wales and the surrounding areas and are on hand to take all the hassle and worry out of clearing out those little-used places in your home or workplace.
As a local family-run house clearing company, we have all the experience and resources required to quickly clear your garage, loft, or any other space, ensuring that everything is left clean and tidy, ready for re-use.

Compliance with statutory requirements and good practice

We are fully licensed by the Department of the Environment as waste carriers, and are insured against all third party risks. We carry out the disposal of all kinds of waste resulting from house clearance in a manner which complies in every way with environmental standards, good practice, and the relevant law. (Eg, WEEE, the European directive on the disposal of electronic waste.)
We take great care to ensure that our operations have minimal environmental impact. We do this be taking responsibility for the goods we handle during a property clearance. We have three methods of disposal:

  • Re-use: We do our utmost to ensure that as much as possible of the material we handle as a result of a house clearance is re-used. Re-use is more environmentally friendly than recycling, because there is no processing of any type involved. We donate items of furniture to charities and non profit organizations, which means that they are fully utilized.
  • Recycling: Where re-use is not possible, we arrange for recyclable materials to be processed by local authorities. This includes paper, glass, plastic and metals.
  • Responsible disposal: Only the residue of non reusable material is disposed of using local authority refuse amenities. At present, we either re-use or recycle 90% everything we handle.


Fair and Honest

Our aim is to run our business fairly, honestly and in an environmentally sound manner. To that end, we guarantee that:

  • The price we quote will be the price you pay. There are no hidden extras.
  • We will do the job we promise to do.
  • We will arrive on time, clear your house or property carefully and efficiently, and as quickly as possible, and leave it clean and tidy.
  • We will have full regard to environmental issues in every part of our operations.


Free Advice and Quotation

For free advice and a no obligation quotation, call us free on 07702 488518, or click here to send us an email.